ChiWis ERA ExCom Meeting Summary – October, 2018

Date of Meeting: October 26, 2018 at Rose Garden

Attendees: Joe Braun, Marty Linke, Rick LaPiana, Tom Trzeciak, Bob Evans, Jeff Huntsinger, Eric Sagendorph, Diana Nawrocki, Ron Riesinge, Pat Pajor

ERA Staff: Stephanie Tierney

1. Opening Business: Rick LaPiana called the meeting to order at 9:40 a.m. There was a quorum, and all approved the August 2018 meeting summary (with date updates). Jeff Huntsinger gave the 1st motion of approval and Bob Evans seconded the motion.

2. VP / Fiscal and Legal Report – Kingsland Coombs
Mr. Coombs was not able to stay for the meeting. Eric Sagendorph noted the strong financial state the bank account is in. All agreed that the board should try to find uses for the money. Rick Suggested sub committees for this and it was agreed on by all. The Financial Spending sub committee is Eric Sagendorph, Diana Nawrocki and Joe Braun. Ideas for spending included free event, CPMR tie in, education event, holiday event, charities and scholarships.

3. VP / Membership – Joe Braun
Mr. Braun has actively been emailing prospects to invite to LinkedIn Group. The board agreed on a sub committee to work on a survey for non members. Joe Braun, Ron Riesinger and Bob Evans are on this committee.

4. VP / Education – Marty Linke
Mr. Linke made note of the FoxCon event on Oct. 29. There was discussion on getting Mr. Linke’s assistance on heading educational chapter events.

5. National Delegate Report – Jeff Huntsinger
Mr. Huntsinger gave everyone an updated of the National board meeting from Oct. 18. He noted that there were 605 members. Chapter activity is up with Mexico and Canada opening. He noted the ECIA “collaboration” with ERA. He noted that King Coombs was on the committee to pick Keynote Speaker.

6. Old Business

A. Baseball Game Update – It was noted that it was a successful event. Board discussed having a more casual event next year with possibly a suite or Miller Park game.

B. COLT Scholarship – Nothing new to report except that Rick LaPiana and Zach DeVillers had just completed the webinar.

7. New Business

A. Next Round Table Date – Jan. 18

1. Bob Evans is looking at possibilities for a speaker on Tax Changes.

2. A Holiday Event was agreed on for Thursday Dec. 6. The chapter funds are covering appetizers and drinks from 5:30-7. Diana Nawrocki offered to head up collecting Toys for Tots at the event. After the meeting, it was decided that Miller’s Ale House would be the location.

B. Future Round Table Topics – Other future meeting topics discussed were a local trade show, going to the Arlington races, Sales Training, Scholarship event, and Wisconsin membership event (Rick and Jeff checking into).

C. Website – switching to Word Press – a template was given to Kathy Green. She is still working on this. A web and social chair position was also discussed to cover this.

D. Life Membership – the chapter announced that Ron Riesinger was given Life membership at the national board meeting.

The next meeting was set for November 16 via phone conference.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m. on a motion by Rick LaPiana with Joe braun seconding the motion.

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