Chicagoland-Wisconsin ERA Executive Committee Meeting Summary – November 2018

Date of Meeting: Nov. 16 • via phone conference

Attendees: Joe Braun, Marty Linke, Rick LaPiana, Tom Trzeciak, Bob Evans, Jeff Huntsinger, King Coombs, Eric Sagendorph, Diana Nawrocki, Ron Riesinge, Pat Pajor, and Zach DeVillers as guest

ERA Staff: Stephanie Tierney

  1. Opening Business: Rick LaPiana called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. There was a quorum, and all approved the October 2018 meeting summary (with date updates). King Coombs gave 1st motion of approval with a second from Jeff Huntsinger.
  2. VP / Fiscal and Legal Report – Kingsland Coombs
    It was discussed that Rick LaPiana and King Coombs would have a conversation with Bill Warfield around the financial statements and breaking down the numbers. The spending committee was formed in October and includes Eric Sagendorph, Joe Braun and Diana Nawrocki. Ideas in the spending committee were scholarship opportunites, another holiday happy hour for 2019, conference registration assistance, offering a $500 credit to someone to help with CPMR and even a dues discount for the board, as well as ERA University scholarships. It was also discussed to possibly donate money to a chapter in need. Overall, the spending committee wants to help in these areas: membership, education and helping everyone to be better at their jobs. The committee will be finalizing with more rules, regulations and ideas.
  3. VP / Membership – Joe Braun
    Nothing new to report at time of the meeting.
  4. VP / Education – Marty Linke
    Mr. Linke made note of the FoxCon event and the local vendors that were interesting. He made note of new books on the website to check out as well. He also researched ERA University and will be reporting on that.
  5. National Delegate Report – Jeff Huntsinger
    With the passing of former CEO, Ray Hall, Jeff Huntsinger updated the board on those details. The chapter also agreed to make a donation to the charity provided in the press release statement.
  6. Old Business

A. COLT Scholarship –Rick LaPiana and Zach DeVillers both attended and commented on the brainstorming and engagement. They agree to keep pushing people to attend as it is a great program for chapter leaders and helps to keep the programs going.

B. “Lie to Me” presentation went off without a hitch. No updates.

C. Conference Sponsorship – Silver sponsorship comes with a complimentary dinner ticket and conference registration. It was decided that the chapter would email members based on interest in attending the conference as well as the holiday event.

It was then raffled off at the holiday event based on those that had interest in attending the conference. Rich Hobby was the recipient.

7. New Business

A. Next Round Table Date – Jan. 18

  1. King Coombs looking into having Byron Halloway of Fralia present on his XRay Sales presentation.
  2. A Holiday Event – Diana Nawrocki heading toys for tots donation. Chapter agreed to about a $25 gift.

B. Future Round Table Topics – Other future meeting topics discussed were Cyber Security, Tax Law, Local Trade show and more. Stephanie to send COLT topics.

C. Website – switching to Word Press – Kathy still working on it.

D. Web and Social Chair position – discussed at October meeting. Plan is to have this person on ballot.

E. Elections – Tom Trecziak will be putting together the elections committee and ballot.

The next meeting was set for Jan. 18 after event but had to be rescheduled for 1/25.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 a.m.

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