Chicagoland-Wisconsin ERA Executive Committee Meeting Summary – January 2019

Date of Meeting: January 25, 2019 • via phone conference

Attendees: Marty Linke, Rick LaPiana, Tom Trzeciak, Todd Somers, Bob Evans, Jeff Huntsinger, King Coombs, Eric Sagendorph, Pat Pajor, and Zach DeVillers

ERA Staff: Stephanie Tierney

  1. Opening Business: Tom Trzeciak called the meeting to order at 8:37 a.m. There was a quorum, and all approved the Nov. 2018 meeting summary. Bob Evans gave 1st motion of approval with a second from Todd Somers.
  2. VP / Fiscal and Legal Report – Kingsland Coombs
    King noted that the financials look inline. He is working with Bill Warfield to get 2018 vs. 2019 numbers for proper budgeting for year. The spending committee also shared ideas about spending on a new projector, screen etc.
  3. VP / Membership – Joe Braun
    Mr. Braun did not attend the meeting but made note beforehand that the LinkedIn Group had reached 40 members.
  4. VP / Education – Marty Linke
    Mr. Linke mentioned ERA University and the value it provides. It was mentioned to offer scholarships for courses.
  5. National Delegate Report – Jeff Huntsinger
    Mr. Huntsinger made note of the survey that went out about the keynote conference speaker. The deadline was 1/25. The Chapter Leadership Council meeting is Tuesday the 26th at the conference. He also noted that the breakouts were now available.
  6. Old Business

A. X-Ray Sales Meeting Update – press release coming soon and king was to provide information.

B. Ray Hall Memorial March 23 – Board agreed to donate $500 for refreshments. This was approved on a motion by Bob Evans and second by Pat Pajor.

C. New positions Elected

  1. Terms of two years (2019 through 2020):

a. Delegate – Jeff Huntsinger, Huntsinger Group, LLC
b. Alternate Delegate – Eric Sagendorph, Select Technology Sales
c. Director – Bob Evans, CPMR, EK Micro
d. VP Marketing and Social Media* – Zachary DeVillers, CPMR,CSP, Brainard Nielsen Marketing – officially effective Feb. 13 based on ballot and bylaws amendment. Zach is excited to take on website and new roles.

7. New Business

A. Next Round Table Date – April 5

  1. A list of COLT topics was sent out. It was decided by email after the meeting to focus on two breakout sessions from the conference.

B. Bylaws – were officially updated to include VP Marketing and Social Media role.
The next meeting was set for April 5 after event but had to be rescheduled for 4/26 via phone.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

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