Chi-Wis ERA Executive Committee Summary – April, 2019

Date of Meeting: April 26, 2019 • via phone conference

Attendees: Marty Linke, Rick LaPiana, Tom Trzeciak, Todd Somers, Bob Evans, Jeff Huntsinger, King Coombs, Eric Sagendorph, Pat Pajor, Diana Nawrocki, Joe Braun and Zach DeVillers

ERA Staff: Stephanie Tierney

  1. Opening Business: Rick LaPiana called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. There was a quorum, and all approved the Jan. 2019 meeting summary. King Coombs gave 1st motion of approval with a second from Joe Braun.
  2. VP / Fiscal and Legal Report – Kingsland Coombs – King noted that the financials look good. He made note of unearned dues still being collected. The spending committee and Joe made note of spending on a screen and projector. Committee also mentioned funds for sending someone to CPMR, ERA University. It was suggested to get a ballot for voting to membership with Diana Nawrocki’s lead.
  3. VP / Membership – Joe Braun – Didn’t have new report.
  4. VP / Education – Marty Linke – Mr. Linke mentioned ERA University and the value it provides. Noted an email to members would be beneficial. He also made note of the Chicago Industry Newsletter, and more as great educational tools.
  5. VP / Social Media and Marketing – Zach DeVillers – Mr DeVillers created a new “company” LinkedIn page in addition to the group page. 22 followers at the start. He asked everyone to like the page as it offers more exposure.
  6. National Delegate Report – Jeff Huntsinger – Mr. Huntsinger made note of the new national Xcom positions. He also noted that the ERA EDS breakfast was suspended. National Conference one again same location. Mr Huntsinger informed everyone of the Tess Hill Award given to Bob Evans at the conference.
  7. Old Business

A. Conference Recap – Attendance was up once again with many new members.

8. New Business

A. Next Round Table Date – June 12 Walt Tobin

i. He spoke on where the industry is going including an ERA update.

B. Arlington Races were decided on instead of game this year. Sept. 6
The next meeting was set for June 21 but with Walt meeting June 12 this was pushed back.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:32 a.m. with a motion by Bob Evans and second motion by King Coombs.

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